It is the core mission of Natural Resources Limited (NRL) to bring to market a viable, wood-fibre based alternative to plastic packaging with sustainable end-of-life characteristics.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing. Over ten years of development, NRL have created a patent-protected manufacturing process for producing paper fibre containers that are functional and cost-competitive to plastic alternatives.

Containers produced using our unique processes are fully compatible with recycling methods and bio-degradable in the event of being discarded.

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" It is one world. And it’s in our care. For the first time in the history of humanity, for the first time in 500 million years, one species has the future in the palm of its hands. I just hope he realises that that is the case "

— Sir David Attenborough, 2018

Any viable competitive product to plastic must achieve three key features. It must be functional, sustainable and cost-competitive.

Our unique production process has the potential to achieve this; combining a moulded fibre container, with bio-degradable coatings and a fibre or bio-polymer cap. 2016 saw a proof of concept project with Britvic Soft Drinks PLC, which clearly showed the viability of the NRL solution.

A viable solution like this could transform a dry-goods market of £10.8bn and a wet-goods market of £40bn worldwide.


Providing an effective barrier to water, carbon dioxide, oil, grease and oxygen.

Moulded to shape to fit cutting edge brand identity.

Strength fit for the distribution chain.


Feedstock from sustainable forests or recycled paper pulp.

Rapid, non-harmful decomposition.

Readily fits into paper / corrugate recycling stream.

unlabelled bottle


Targeting the bar set by PET and HDPE packaging alternatives.

Providing a commercially viable product.

Moulding units designed to be co-located with filling to save transport cost and emissions.

Market entry for NRL is anticipated during 2023. At that time, three core market sectors are available:

NRL reformed under new management in 2008, having previously worked in the area of tooling development for the moulded pulp products industry.

Since then, with the aid of EU and UK grant funding and shareholders, NRL has completed a number of projects to provide proof-of-concept (PoC) of its moulding process, barrier coating and fibre closures. Major projects have included demonstrations of repeatable manufacturing technology (2014), a water-proofed bottle PoC with Britvic (2016) and a fibre closure PoC (2017).

NRL is actively seeking applications for “dry goods” packaging, such as household goods, beauty care, health supplements and horticultural products.


Early POF Bottles from Recycled Paper


Initial Moulding Patent Filed


EACI Demonstration Moulding Unit


Proof of Concept Project with Britvic


Initial “Virgin Pulp” Mould Unit


Sample Development for Customers

Anticipated Market Launch: 2023

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NRL are actively seeking B2B partners in the wet and dry goods markets, as well as investors in advance of going to market in 2019.